Opportunities for COVID Safe Offices


In light of COVID-19, every organisation requires a healthy and hygienic working environment to enable staff to feel safe, perform at their best and to move business forward.

With the weight of the pandemic laying heavy on businesses, trying to continue operations in offices that no longer offer a safe or effective environment could have significant and lasting impact. We understand businesses will be focusing on standing strong under difficult circumstances, so it would be easy to plough on in ineffective conditions when really, a safe and secure office space could make all the difference. Finding the right office space for your business to operate safely could help ease some of the pressure and keep operations going.

Tanshire Park has the ideal combination of excellent access and connectivity via the A3 and a tranquil, fresh air-filled Surrey countryside setting. The business park is nestled within a peaceful location in Elstead, Surrey, away from the rush of busy cities and overpopulated working environments. With easily accessible links to nearby locations, popular business park amenities and versatile, open office spaces, there’s no better place for businesses to feel safe, supported and away from the potential spread of illness during the coronavirus pandemic and into the ‘new normal’.


Why Choose Tanshire Park’s Offices to Rent During COVID-19?

Tanshire Park COVID-19 safe office spaceAt Tanshire Park businesses have the opportunity to feel safe during COVID-19 enabling organisations to carry on as normal without the risk of illness getting in the way. While many organisations who are operating home working are beginning to feel the effects of disconnect, Tanshire Park boasts excellent opportunity for COVID-19 safe and secure spaces; allowing businesses to stick together, feel connected and keep business on the go in a world shaped by the pandemic.

Daily Professional Deep Cleans

We ensure daily professional deep cleans are undergone to ensure excellent hygiene standards are consistently maintained. Our professional cleaning team provide expert cleaning of the business park environment, with particular focus on the hygiene upkeep in communal areas, where hygiene is paramount, to ensure you can utilise the range of office facilities we provide without any worry or concern.

Modern Spacious Offices for Social Distancing

Our spacious, naturally lit, modern offices allow for social distancing measures in the workplace with available accommodation of up to 5700ft. Our flexible, open office spaces offer the space and versatility for your employees to work safely, enabling your team to foster productivity and take into account the health and safety of one another.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems Within Each Office Suite

Good air ventilation is essential to stopping the spread of the coronavirus and therefore we want to ensure our tenants have access to the facilities they need. Each office suite has advanced air conditioning units installed to ensure there’s a constant flow of fresh air. Not only that, our offices boast large windows, which leak plenty of natural light, that enable tenants to open windows for a substantial circulation of air throughout.

Touchless Hygiene Automation for Good Hand Hygiene

At Tanshire Park we want to give our tenants every opportunity to stay away from the risk of illness and we understand good hand hygiene is at the pinnacle of this. Therefore, we have various touchless hygiene automation dispensers placed around communal areas to encourage all who are in the premises to practice good hygiene at all times.

Safer Commute to Work for Employees

Avoid the daily commute using busy public transport in cities and utilise Tanshire Park’s open office spaces situated for great connectivity. Not only do we have an office park located with excellent access to the A3 and into London, Guildford or surrounding towns, we also offer ample amounts of staff parking to allow employees to drive safely to work staying away from busy, public commuting spaces.

Dedicated High-speed Broadband Connectivity

At Tanshire Park we understand the importance of excellent internet and broadband connection for every organisation to operate swiftly, especially in todays environment. We offer our tenants optical fibre broadband speed to ensure your internet never lets you down. Working from home may be pleasant in some ways, but fighting with slow broadband speeds, buffeting and dropouts during Zoom & Teams calls can be a huge disruption to productivity levels and your business.

Onsite Café With Socially Distanced Outdoor Seating Arrangements

Our very own onsite Pavilion café is the perfect spot for a safe, enjoyable breakfast, lunch, or snack break during the working day. With our Covid-Safe outdoor seating arrangements and table service, you can rest assured knowing you are at little risk of illness and can relax nestled within a beautiful countryside setting at the heart of the office park with colleagues or friends. We cater our very best, Covid-Secure services throughout the year with our outdoor winter heaters to keep you cosy and warm in winter months and our summer umbrellas to keep you cool in hotter months.

Tanshire Park's pavilion café covid-safe seating arrangement in summerEmployee sitting at Tanshire Park's Pavilion Café in the outdoor heated seating area

Tanshire Park's Covid-Safe outdoor seating arrangements in summer









COVID-19 Safe Surroundings for your Business

Brown sign in Surrey countryside points to Tanshire Park business parkTanshire Park is located in a tranquil countryside environment offering fresh air opportunities and boasting natural light which help with wellbeing and productivity. Our environment offers space for outdoor meetings, lunch breaks or walks, and the space to feel safe. Due to the ample amounts of indoor and outdoor space, your business and employees have the space they need day to day, allowing you to maintain suitable distance and remain COVID safe.

We are also fortunate to be located right next to a popular national nature reserve, Thursley Common, which is perfect for a moment of fresh air during the day or a quick walk break from the desk. With 350 hectares of heathland, there is much opportunity to feel safe and explore.

The Right Office Space for your Business to Operate Safely

We provide high-quality office spaces with all the amenities your business needs. In a time like now, your business will need all the support it can get. The team at Tanshire Park are passionate about helping businesses operate as safely and hygienically as possible avoiding any potential risk of coronavirus spreading. With us you get the best of both worlds: easy access to transport links as well as sizeable offices, countryside walks, regular professional cleans and more. Tanshire Park gives every organisation the perfect opportunity to operate safely within the workplace environment.

Adapting to a ‘New Normal’ in Tanshire Park

We understand it’s hard for every business to adapt and change to fit the criteria of a ‘new normal’. However, we’re with you every step of the way to keep your business thriving or to get back on its feet. Our community atmosphere makes each and every tenant feel as though they’re not alone with the support they need. Don’t just hear it from us, see what our tenants have to say.

If your business is reliant on an office but is struggling to operate effectively and safely in this ‘new normal’, Tanshire Park could offer you all the benefits of a change and a safer environment for your operations. If you’re interested in arranging a viewing, get in contact with our agents on 01483 300176 or contact Jonathan at Tanshire Park by calling 07841 397151 or email jonathan@tanshiremanagement.co.uk


Please note: Under current circumstances all viewings will be conducted in a COVID-secure manner with appropriate precautions in place. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any concerns and you can find out more about our COVID response around the park on our website.