Opportunities for Large Office Space to Rent


Collage of internal and external large office space opportunities available to rent at Tanshire Park

Tanshire Park offers a range of large office space to rent here at our Surrey countryside business park:

Imagine a large open-plan space with the flexibility to choose the best layout for your operations.

Imagine the room to grow and the space to adapt.

Imagine the chance to create or utilise modern meeting space or personal offices, with natural air-flow ventilation and wellbeing-boosting fresh air opportunities right from your office door.

Take all these and imagine them among first-class facilities from Grade A offices – with opportunities for Covid-safe office spaces, on-site café and stunning countryside surroundings. And imagine all this with a hassle-free commute, away from the crowds of the inner-city, but without compromising on location and ease of access into London.

Now, find all this and more at Tanshire Park.

Large meeting room available to rent at Tanshire Park Countryside surroundings for Grade A office space at Tanshire Park Large office space available to rent at Tanshire Park  

The large and versatile office space advantage

The influence of a global pandemic has shown that versatility from your office space is not only a distinct advantage, but a must for many businesses to continue effective operations. Space to be versatile can give you the room to adapt, the flexibility to maintain efficiency and the assurance to be resilient in the face of new challenges.

If your business has faced COVID-19 challenges without sufficient room to distance your operations, you may have been forced into a situation where you’re fighting resistance even to continue effectively, let alone to grow. Looking to the future, finding the right large Covid-safe office space opportunity could revolutionise prospects and office dynamics, to allow you to bounce back to new strengths.

Discover large office space to rent at Tanshire Park

At Tanshire Park we offer a range of whole or partial floor large office space opportunities that give you control over layout, and how you conduct your business and operations. With an open-plan slate, there is scope to create modular working spaces, to distance desks as needed and to effectively organise teams. Some of our whole-floor office lets also offer dedicated private offices or meeting rooms and exclusive kitchenettes and WCs.

All of our offices take advantage of the wider facilities available at the business park, including our tenants favourite, the on-site Pavilion Café, and the unanimously appreciated dedicated 100 MBS fibre internet. Our grounds are set around stunning Surrey Countryside, with gardens, lawn and even woodlands to step out into for a moments break during the day.  At the same time, located just moments from the A3, Tanshire Park can offer fast and well-connected travel to and from the site, with ample parking allocation for staff and visitors.

Whether you’re looking to house your growing business outside of, but well connected to, London, or if you’re looking for a central hub for a largely remote workforce, you can make the large office space opportunities available at Tanshire Park, what you need.

 Large, spacious office space available to rent at Tanshire Park Large open plan office space available to rent at Tanshire Park Spacious meeting room space available to rent at Tanshire Park in Surrey 

Large office spaces available to rent:

Tanshire has sought-after availability for large office spaces at the park. Our current availability includes:

Or discover our full availability.  

What could large office space at Tanshire Park do for your business?

Taking advantage of room to grow and room to adapt has now more than ever been highlighted as a key factor in harnessing future success. With many advantages to choosing our unique set-up here at our Surrey business park, Tanshire Park could be the perfect solution for your business.

Contact us to find out more, to arrange a viewing and to discover what large office space at Tanshire Park could do for your business. The Tanshire Park letting agent, or Jonathan at Tanshire Park, can help answer your questions or make your booking:

Tanshire Park letting agent: 01483 300176 

Jonathan: 07841 397151 

Email: jonathan@tanshiremanagement.co.uk


Please note: Under current circumstances all viewings will be conducted in a COVID-secure manner with appropriate precautions in place. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any concerns and you can find out more about our COVID response around the park on our website.