Grade A Office Space Available in Surrey


Collage of internal and external Grade A office space opportunities at Tanshire Park Surrey Business Park

In today’s world, advanced modern offices are essential to business success. With an increase in business competition, a central hub for your team plays an important role in facilitating the needs of employees and business operations. Whatever you’re looking for in an office, as some of the most desirable properties on the market, Grade A offices offer your organisation indispensable high standards: From essential high-speed internet and effective meeting space, to an advantageous environment to boost your business.

Tanshire Park’s Grade A office solutions in Surrey have everything your business needs, so you can focus on growth and success. As an easily accessible business park located in an area of outstanding natural beauty away from the city, we’re proud to accommodate a range of different businesses with versatile Grade A office space. With or dedicated on-site team, we have every organisation’s best interest at heart – to help your team feel at home and succeed.

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What is Grade A Office Space?

Grade A office space is designed with the highest specification and exceeds all business requirements. Built with state of the art systems, exceptional accessibility and a definite market presence, Grade A offices are the most highly sought after spots on the market. They have the ‘wow’ factor, enticing businesses to their modern features, amenities and impressive infrastructure.

What does Grade A Office Space Mean for Your Business?

From improved employee wellness to a more comfortable and lighter filled space, Grade A office space can mean all the difference between a workforce collaborating efficiently, productively and in line with company goals, or otherwise reduced focus and concentration. A study examining the relationships between the whole factors of a physical office environment and employee’s performance concluded that a comfortable working environment is vital for employees to focus and do their job well.

Grade A offices improve the quality of life at work as well as performance of office workers for better business results. They are more than just an office, providing an upmarket central location for fluid operations that help employees to feel work ready each day – offering a positive, proactive mindset the minute you enter the grounds.

Grade A office space lobby at Tanshire ParkGrade A office space open-plan area at Tanshire ParkGrade A office space meeting room at Tanshire Park   

How Tanshire Park Provides Grade A Office Space Solutions

From offering exceptional open offices, that are excellent for team connectivity, to essential first-class office features including a beautiful on-site café, high-speed internet, modern kitchens and more, Tanshire Park exceeds the needs of every business. By virtue of our very location set in stunning Surrey Countryside, just arriving at Tanshire Park can offer the perfect set-up to a productive day.

We care about providing the best possible working environment for our tenants to aid opportunity for every bit of success:

State of the Art Features & Facilities

In order to provide Grade A office spaces Tanshire Park go above and beyond in providing excellent facilities so your team can rely on us whilst you focus on the rest. We’re a business park that’s warm and welcoming and our on-site management team are there each day to facilitate your business needs.

Here listed are a few of many state of the art features and facilities you will be provided with at Tanshire Park.

Office Space with Natural Light to Improve Employee Wellness

A recent study at Cornell showed an 84% drop in employees’ headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision when the workspace was exposed to natural light, all of which can cause fatigue and other health issues if not catered for. Tanshire Park office suites allow for plentiful natural light with large windows, as well as suspended lit ceiling, recessed LED lighting and full access raised floors which help to transform employee satisfaction and overall happiness, in turn improving business functions, efficiency, employee motivation levels and productivity.

Pavilion Café

Nutrition and nourishment play a huge role in ensuring employees are well equipped to work efficiently and creatively. At Tanshire Park we’re proud to provide our very own onsite Pavilion Café for tenants, as well as local visitors, located in the centre of the business park adjacent to our stunning central lawn. The café serves a range of breakfast, lunch and drink options throughout each working day with opportunity for both comfortable indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, with sun shelters, rain covers and patio heaters on offer dependent on the season. The team at the Pavilion also provide private catering suitable for boardroom meetings and private luncheons, with a range of delicious menus available.

On-site Parking

A unique benefit to the park is the generous parking opportunity available to tenants and their visitors, allowing for easy meeting arrangements and for employees to park safely within the grounds. Parking is allocated according the needs and size of a business perfect for those who prefer to drive into work with sufficient parking requirements.

High-Speed Internet

A fluid and uninterrupted internet service is paramount to slick operations. Speedy internet connection transforms business productivity: saving your team vast amounts of time each day and helping to increase the amount work being done. Tanshire Park are proud to provide excellent internet: The park has its own dedicated 100 MBS fibre line that tenants can sign up to and utilise with packages to suit all sizes of business, via our partners Glide.

Countryside Surroundings Away from the City

Tanshire Park is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in the popular county of Surrey. It’s nestled in stunning green areas sitting parallel to wide open parkland with exquisite landscapes and wildlife. Offering a central communal lawn, perfect for outdoor meetings and lunch spots in summer, Tanshire Park allow for peace of mind in a quiet location to aid a productive working environment, with local walks perfect to catch a breath of fresh air during the day.

Countryside surroundings for Grade A office space at Tanshire ParkView down onto sofa seating in Grade A office space lobby at Tanshire ParkCountryside surroundings and water feature for Grade A office space at Tanshire Park

Outstanding Accessibility

At Tanshire Park you get the best of both worlds: a stunning countryside location with excellent access to London and surrounding areas. With the popular commuter towns of Godalming and Guildford just 5-10 minutes away, a journey into London by train can be done in under one hour – with time to spare. Better yet, if you prefer to drive, Tanshire Park is located within moments of the A3 making your commute or a drive into London smooth and simple, perfect if you’re looking to escape the city for quiet, safe offices or for organising business appointments.

Find out more about Tanshire Park’s easy transport links for great connectivity.

Grade A Office Accommodation for All Businesses During COVID-19

Tanshire Park are fully aware of the threat the pandemic has posed to businesses of all sizes, therefore we stand firm in supporting our tenants to ensure business can go on regardless of the situation. Our Grade A office requirements not only surpass the needs of your employees but also work to keep your organisation safe especially during uncertain circumstances. At the park your team have the opportunity to feel protected allowing for business to operate smoothly without the risk of illness:

From daily professional deep-cleans, high-quality fresh air ventilation systems and touchless hygiene automation to opportunities for social distancing, we understand the importance of keeping your workforce safe to ensure business keeps rolling.

Find out more about how Tanshire Park offer opportunities for COVID-19 safe offices ideal in a time like now.

Grade A Offices Available to Rent in Surrey

Stunning offices on the doorstep of natural beauty, wide open spaces with the facilities for everything a business needs and more: Tanshire Park offers the perfect solution for businesses looking for Grade A office spaces to rent in the Godalming, Farnham and Haslemere area or for those wanting to avoid the traffic and urban environment that comes with renting office space in Guildford or London.

If you’re looking for Grade A office space, why not see what’s available to rent at Tanshire Park.

You can get in touch with the team or organise a guided viewing by contacting the Tanshire Park letting agent on 01483 300176 or by contacting Jonathan at Tanshire Park:


Telephone: 07841 397151 


Please note: Under current circumstances all viewings will be conducted in a COVID-secure manner with appropriate precautions in place. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any concerns and you can find out more about our COVID response around the park on our website.