Office Space In Our Local Surrey

Surrey is a thriving and beautiful county for businesses, and with exceptional transport links into London and surrounding areas, our local area has even more to offer. Tanshire Park is a Business Park in Surrey located between Elstead, Godalming, Haslemere, Guildford and Farnham, and if you’re looking for offices to rent in Surrey, why not consider a solution that takes advantage of all of the benefits these areas have to offer, and more…

Tanshire Park could be the solution that you haven’t considered yet if you are looking for offices to rent in these areas – but what are the benefits of our locality to these local towns?

Office Space for Guildford

Tanshire Park has exceptional access to Guildford. Located just off the A3, Tanshire Park benefits from a very direct route straight into Guildford – it is just 8.8 miles and can take as little as 16 minutes. But here’s the clincher again… traffic. Guildford is notoriously difficult to contend with during rush hours – even tiny distances taking far longer than they should – which means commuting can become a bit of a nightmare. Some of our tenants have moved to Tanshire Park from Guildford for this very reason (see what Innovation Visual, a digital marketing agency at the park has to say) – and are now enjoying the slick commute to the office by avoiding traffic!

Looking for offices to rent in Guildford could also mean that you lose out on some of the peace and tranquillity that Surrey has to offer, and a healthier working life. Tanshire Park is located in beautiful rural Surrey, surrounded by fresh air, trees, and bird song. Just stepping outside, or taking lunch on the lawn can have a positive influence on your staff’s health and wellbeing – and this is something that we have had repeatedly fed back to us from tenants and visitors. One of Surrey’s largest remaining heathland habitat; National Nature Reserve Thursely Common, is also right on our doorstep – so a lunchtime walk can be a true escape from indoor space.

While Guildford also has the hustle and bustle of competing eateries for lunchtime options – our on-site Pavilion Café can offer quality at less competitive prices with a more ethical approach, on top of a more picturesque location to stop and eat. We’ve also got facilities like showers on site that you might not find in a town-centre office building.


Office Space for Elstead

Tanshire Park is located just on the outskirts of Elstead (just 1 mile from the centre) so if you are looking for offices to rent in Elstead, Tanshire Park offers the perfect solution. The Business Park offers facilities including an on-site café and parking opportunities beyond what can be found in the heart of the village itself. And, with easy access to the village enhanced by current works improving the walking route, Tanshire Park also benefits from the range of local amenities.

Office Space for Godalming

The local town of Godalming is just 4.4 miles and a 13-minute drive from Tanshire Park. However, unlike Godalming, which is offset away from major roads, Tanshire Park is located just moment’s off the A3 – making the morning commute simpler and making the drive for visiting clients, colleagues or guests a straightforward process. We still benefit from being close by to Godalming’s wider amenities and its well linked train station, but on top of that we also benefit from a beautiful countryside setting that you would be missing with offices stuck in a town. If you’re considering offices to rent in Godalming, why not compare the journey and arrange a viewing with us to see the difference life at Tanshire Park could make for you.

Office Space for Farnham

Farnham is 6.3 miles and 16 minutes (without traffic) from Tanshire Park (and there’s your first clue to why office space at Tanshire Park might one-up offices to rent in Farnham). While Farnham is located off the A31, at rush hours, Farnham becomes riddled with traffic adding considerable time to a daily commute. Tanshire Park is also closer and quicker to get to on a drive from Guildford or London.


Office Space for Haslemere

Tanshire Park is also located close to Haslemere (9.3 miles and 19 minutes away), but like with Godalming, Tanshire Park again boasts a far more convenient location for access to the A3 into Guildford, London and surrounding areas. Offices to rent in Haslemere would only even save you 5 minutes on a journey to Portsmouth – so this puts Tanshire Park in prime position to take your business in all directions!


Our Surrey Business Park

If you would like to find out more about our Surrey Business Park, our location and how our tenants enjoy life at Tanshire Park, please explore these links, or you are very welcome to arrange a guided tour with our agent by contacting 01483 300176 or arrange a viewing with our Park Manager, Jonathan by calling 07841 397151 or emailing


Please note: Under current circumstances all viewings will be conducted in a COVID-secure manner with appropriate precautions in place. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any concerns and you can find out more about our COVID response around the park on our website.