Working at Tanshire Park – New National Restrictions from the 5th November

From the 5th November the UK are entering a second lockdown due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. During this period we will continue to offer opportunities for COVID-Safe offices in line with Government Guidelines to facilitate your business requirements. In order to maintain a healthy and hygienic working environment for tenants we will be initiating a couple more changes to the way the park operates. These changes will help in maintaining the required distances and reducing the possibility of cross-infection.

Tanshire Park Requirements for Returning to Work

  1. At all times users of Tanshire Park must maintain a distance of 2m from everyone.
  2. No one should come to Tanshire Park if they feel the slightest unwell.
  3. All users of Tanshire Park must download the Government Contact and Tracing App and switch on Bluetooth when launched.
  4. Everyone must wash hands regularly.

While at times these restrictions may be difficult, these are crucial requirements that are being put in place to protect both businesses and individuals. We appreciate your cooperation and effort to help control the spread of infection.

Entering and Leaving Buildings in the Park

Initially we will retain entering/leaving each building by the front door. As occupation increases, we may consider using rear entrances.

Guidelines for Office Areas

Each company must make the necessary changes to comply with the Working Safely with COVID-19 11th May 2020 government guidelines and establish a workplace solution that enables the 2m rule to be adhered to at all times in your office area. Most occupiers of Tanshire are low-density users and therefore maintaining the government distancing rules of 2m at work should be feasible. You should consider moving positions and reducing the number of staff working at any one time to abide by the 2m rule. Please consider the proximity of desks to corridors.

You should increase your office cleaning or cleaning contract to ensure that desks and equipment on them are regularly cleaned with disinfectant. During the previous lockdown, TML took the opportunity to undertake the annual HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Cooling) maintenance. We have had the whole system serviced which included disinfecting the vents in all offices.

We also want to recommend to all tenants a reduction in additional heating use through air conditioning units and other forms other than the usual radiators.

The benefits of this are:

  1. There is a reduction of germs being distributed around office areas
  2. There will be substantial electricity savings at a time when we are all seeking to reduce costs
  3. It provides a more environmentally friendly solution

We will keep open the outer door of each building. We have mounted automatic hand sanitisers on the inside of each entrance hall and installed touchless entry systems to reduce risks of cross contamination. This enables tenants to maintain healthier hand hygiene with the opportunity to clean their hands when leaving and entering.

Guidelines for Kitchenettes

Everyone has access to a kitchenette in their office, or for Elm House where communal kitchen areas serve a small number of you we ask that everyone respects the 2m rule for these areas. We will have communal surfaces and equipment disinfected daily. Please ensure therefore that they are left clean and free of clutter each evening. Can tenants ensure that their cleaning contractor thoroughly disinfects their kitchenette and the hand disinfectant provided in each is topped up.

Guidelines for WCS

In order to maintain the correct distancing, we propose that where WCs have more than one cubicle, we allow only one person in each designated set. We have installed door signs that are vacant/engaged to be operated by each person as they enter and subsequently leave. Should there be a need to wait outside please abide by the distancing rules. All outer WC doors will be kept open during this period.

For the 1st floor occupier of Ash House, Pelican Procurement, they should now only use the Ash House entrance and WCs.

All WCs will be cleaned daily with disinfectant.

Guidelines for the Pavilion Café

The café will remain open and will be running a takeaway service between the hours of 9am – 2pm. Please try and use the café as often as possible to support Paul and his team.

Until further notice the café will operate as follows:

  • A one-person service operation until volume requires more.
  • Service counter set up has been extended so there is distance between customer and server.
  • Card transactions only accepted as payment.
  • Utilising both Pavilion doors (Entry & Exit), we have chain link queue control that we can use to create a social distance setup for queueing to order/purchase and then a socially distanced area for people to wait for orders. (Maximum number of people in café at any one-time rule also)
  • One toilet facility only available to use on a one in one out basis.
  • No eating-in option within the Café building.
  • Outdoor seating under umbrellas has been arranged with 2m distances in between and heaters for the winter period.

Guidelines for Park Grounds

The grounds furniture will be retained but seating has been moved to create 2m distances.

The purpose of this is to ensure that everyone working or visiting the park can abide by distancing rules and keep themselves safe. We have everything in place to operate totally COVID-Safe and Secure therefore we want our tenants to feel comfortable utilising the offices and facilities we have available. We hope that those with staff concerned about their safety will be reassured that systems are in place throughout the park to keep to necessary distances and hygiene levels.

If you have any more questions as either a tenant or a visitor to the park and would like to learn more about the steps being made to ensure people’s safety, please contact the Tanshire Park management team.