Second UK Lockdown: Tanshire Park Updates

Tanshire Park running during Second UK Lockdown


From the 5th November the UK entered a second lockdown in attempt to help flatten the curve and reduce the surge of coronavirus cases that have recently occurred. In light of this, it’s critical tenants at Tanshire Park play their part in keeping everyone safe to ensure businesses can operate effectively and reduce the risk of illness in and around the park.

Tanshire Park have been successful in maintaining excellent hygiene standards and measures throughout the park which has enabled tenants to continue to utilise facilities with procedures in place. At the park we facilitate to your needs by providing COVID-safe and secure office solutions for everyone. We understand how important your employees’ health, hygiene and wellbeing is, especially during these difficult circumstances. Therefore, we’re here to support you by facilitating to your business needs whilst safely adhering to latest Government COVID-19 Guidelines.

Tanshire Park COVID-19 safe, large, spacious office space in SurreyTanshire Park Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser to encourage hand hygiene during COVID-19 pandemicTanshire Park touchless key locking system to reduce the spread of COVID-19


Maintaining COVID-Safe & Secure Measures at Work

The Government have released a ‘Working Safely During Coronavirus’ document which offers guidance on how to open workplaces safely whilst minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19, offering practical considerations of how safe measures can be applied in the workplace. Here at Tanshire Park we will remain open with all the suggested COVID measures in place for any tenant who wants to continue using their office and its facilities. We believe every organisation should have the opportunity to maintain a healthy and hygienic work environment to enable staff to feel safe, perform at their best and continue to move business forward even under difficult circumstances.

What a Second UK Lockdown Will Look Like at Tanshire Park

In order to facilitate our tenants needs during a second lockdown we are initiating a number of changes to the way the park operates to adhere to Government Guidelines; maintaining the required distances and reducing the possibility of cross-infection.

COVID-Safe & Secure Office Space Solutions

Daily Professional Cleans

We have daily professional cleans in our offices to ensure excellent hygiene standards are maintained throughout the week with a particular focus on communal areas such as kitchenettes, WCs and corridors. We would advise tenants to increase cleaning contracts to ensure desks and equipment have been regularly cleaned with disinfectant to reduce the risk of illness within the facility.

Touchless Hygiene Solutions

Our entry touchless locking systems have recently been installed to reduce the risk of cross contamination across employees. In addition, a number of wall mounted hand sanitising dispensers to support tenants’ hand hygiene standards have been added in key areas.

Spacious Office Solutions for Social Distancing

Tanshire Park is home to spacious, modern office spaces which allow for necessary social distancing measures with the space to amend desk layouts adhering to Government social distancing guidelines.

We are the perfect solution for businesses looking to continue successfully during this period and reduce the risk of illness or cross contamination in your workplace. If you need any advice or help during this time feel free to get in contact with the team at Tanshire Park.

Tanshire Park running during Second UK LockdownPavilion Café

During this second lockdown period the Pavilion Café will continue to stay open as a takeaway service only between the hours of 9am – 2pm. If you are in and around the park, please try and use the café as often as possible to support Paul and his team.

Tanshire Park Help You to Continue Working Safely During the Pandemic

We believe in businesses having every opportunity to keep moving forward even when having to contend & adapt with the pandemic. With COVID- secure measures being strongly instructed and implemented throughout the park we can ensure our tenants will remain healthy and will be able to continue working over the second lockdown safely within our facilities.

Get in Touch with Tanshire Park

If you have any questions about our lockdown procedures please get in contact with the Management Team at Tanshire Park. Whether you’re a tenant or visitor to the park and uncertain about measures laid out, we’ll be happy to take you through the steps being made to ensure people’s safety at all times within the park.