Promoting Environmentally Friendly Workplaces


Nestled conveniently in beautiful Surrey Countryside, Tanshire Park’s location can’t help but motivate us to help protect the environment. At Tanshire Park, we’re proud to support our businesses large and small by providing effective workspaces for their business. We’re also proud to support our businesses in taking steps towards greater sustainability.

Recently, The Pavilion Café at Tanshire Park has taken some important steps in reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste products produced through initiatives like providing new container options, updated packaging, and transitioning to non-plastic take-away cutlery options. This means that every business at Tanshire Park, and public visitors to the café, can reduce their daily impact on the environment.

So, next time you need to take your lunch back to the office, bring your own Tupperware and take-away a packaging-free, guilt-free lunch!


This is what Paul, the owner of The Pavilion, had to say on the changes being made:

What kind of eco-friendly changes can be found at The Pavilion Cafe?

We were already offering many of our products like sandwiches, wraps, baguettes etc in a compostable or recyclable pack or bag, but we’ve tried over the past 6 months to improve our environmental impact further by making some additional changes to packaging and consumable items that we use for our products on a day-to-day basis. The main changes have been to our take-away offerings: swapping plastic cutlery to wooden alternatives, switching from plastic sandwich boxes to other compostable/recyclable options, and now we’re also phasing out polystyrene hot food boxes which are in the process of being replaced by new compostable boxes.

Due to an initial handful of people on the Business Park asking, we have now also started offering a zero-packaging option! Salads and jacket potatoes etc. can now be made to take-away in peoples own lunch boxes and Tupperware from home – which is fantastic environmentally and at no extra trouble for us in production. We welcome anyone wishing to do this as it completely alleviates the need for any packaging and therefore waste – bring yours along next time you come to see us!

Facilitating environment-friendly lifestyles

There is ever more awareness of the essential need for us all to reduce the amount of wastage we all generate – waste that simply goes to land fill. The biggest challenge for the Café is finding packaging products that maintain freshness and are realistic in terms of cost as a disposable item. However, our impact means a lot to us and having been approached by others in the Business Park who share our concern, we’re making changes wherever we can. Prices are now beginning to significantly reduce though as more eco-friendly options with sugar and corn products coming to market, a positive for future change!

Growing sustainable efforts

Going forward we will continue our efforts to make improvements; to source better packaging and have better recycling facilities too. (Recycling is an area we are working on at the moment, so keep an eye out for changes!)


Helping businesses make a difference

At Tanshire Park we’re proud to promote eco-friendly workplaces. Don’t underestimate how quickly small changes can have a bigger impact – why not see what easy, economical changes you could make in your office with our tips and ideas on how to create an environmentally friendly office.

Offices in an eco-conscious business environment

If you’re looking for an office change and value modern, effective spaces in a business environment that values sustainable efforts, get in touch to find out more, ask us any questions or arrange a viewing.

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