Innovation Visual Video: Why we chose Tanshire Park


Long-term tenants Innovation Visual talk about their experience at Tanshire Park and why they chose the Surrey Business Park as the perfect setting for their business.


Tim Butler, Director at Innovation Visual, says:

When you’ve got high demand jobs you don’t want to feel boxed in, you don’t want to feel claustrophobic – The space itself within the buildings is very light very airy, but also if you need to get that headspace… you can just step outside and suddenly you’re surrounded by big mature trees, there are birds flying around and the feedback that I always get from people when they visit for the first time, is that firstly they’re really surprised that a facility like this actually exists.

I’d taken it for granted how good the internet connection is here at Tanshire Park

You have to look at the whole offering that Tanshire Park brings, and the fact that we’ve got a real breadth of facilities on the site itself…

We found that the logistics and also car-parking were a major differentiating factor [when choosing to move to Tanshire Park]”