The different classes of office space


To differentiate between the quality of different office buildings there is a classification system in place. All office buildings in the UK can be graded as Grade A, Grade B or Grade C, with the grade taking into consideration a range of different criteria including available amenities, age of the building and more.

Let’s take a look at what defines the different office space and what it takes to achieve the highest rating: Grade A.

Grade C office space

Office buildings ranked as Grade C are judged to be poor quality. They are often located in undesirable or remote areas that are not well connected or supported by infrastructure. The building is often old and has not received the investment to keep it up date, meaning Grade C office buildings are often in need of major renovation work.

Grade C office buildings often offer cheaper rent rates due to the condition of the building and therefore attract smaller businesses as tenants do not require access to the infrastructure necessary for larger businesses or those growing quickly.

If extensive renovation work was carried out, then a Grade C building is capable of reaching Grade B status but would struggle to achieve Grade A due to its location and the age of the building.

Grade B office space

For an office building to be graded as B it needs to offer good office space. What holds them back from being Grade A is often the quality of the finish and fixtures, compromises in the architectural layout and not being as overly impressive as Grade A office buildings. Overall, Grade B office buildings deliver middle of the road office space and rent rates reflect this.

The building may be experiencing some deterioration, but with the right investment to deliver both internal and external improvements, a Grade B office could achieve Grade A status.

Grade A office space

If an office building is deemed to be Grade A then it provides high quality office space. A Grade A office building often provides a range of high-quality facilities for its tenants and advanced technological systems such as superfast WiFi, high tech security features and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

The building is normally set in an aesthetically pleasing location with good communication links to areas of economic interest. The office building itself is maintained by a designated management company, who also provide support to tenants.

Due to the high quality of the office space Grade A office buildings often attract high quality tenants with successful businesses.

Renting Grade A office space

Grade A office space is desirable and for this reason it often costs more to rent, but there are a number of benefits to doing so. Office space is an important factor for people choosing which company to work for and is also vital for making a good impression to any visitors to your premises. Grade A office space can support the success of your business, often making it a worthwhile investment. 

View Grade A office space

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