Dixon Searle Partnership Move To Tanshire Park


Tanshire Park are delighted to welcome Dixon Searle Partnership (DSP) to the business park. The company recently relocated to Tanshire Park having formerly been based in Grayshott. The DSP team have moved into a recently refurbished office suite in Elm House.  

Who Are Dixon Searle Partnership?Dixon Searle Partnership Logo

Dixon Searle Partnership was founded by Richard Dixon and Rob Searle, who both have a number of years’ experience in the planning, surveying, property, development and land use sectors. The company are an independent consultancy specialising in overseeing development viability assessments for local authorities throughout the UK.

The DSP team take great pride in their friendly, accessible approach and provide highly professional services and expert advice on planning policy.

Why Did Dixon Searle Partnership Move to Tanshire Park?

DSP has been expanding and had therefore outgrown their previous office located in Grayshott. Tanshire Park provided the office space required for the company to house their existing team, as well as allow ample room for continued expansion.Richard Dixon & Rob Searle

Tanshire Park provides the ideal location for DSP to undertake their work, as their clients are predominantly based in the south east of the country, particularly in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and Berkshire. This means that the company is based no more than 2 hours away from the majority of their clients, allowing them to provide a highly efficient and effective service.

The facilities available at Tanshire Park were also an important draw for DSP, with allocated parking, an onsite café and a pleasant environment in the Surrey countryside. Richard Dixon commented how the he had found the Tanshire Park team to be ‘helpful, welcoming and friendly’. We were certainly pleased to hear Richard’s kind words and take great pride in providing a hands-on approach to assist our tenants.

Dixon Searle Partnership Services

DSP provide a range of property planning services including:

• Development Plan Viability
• Planning Policy
• Community Infrastructure Levy Viability
• Site Specific Development
• Affordable Housing

Welcome to DSP

The Tanshire Park management team would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Richard, Rob and the DSP team. We are very pleased to have been able to provide the office space required and to support the company’s continued growth.

If you would like to find out more about property planning and development services, then please visit the DSP website.

Contact Dixon Searle Partnership

You can contact the DSP team on 01428 288101 or you can use the contact form on their website to get in touch.